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As I listened to John’s sermon Sunday entitled “True Knowledge”  with the scripture text coming from Hosea 4:6-11  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” my first thought was oh how true.  When we look at those around us,  we see God becoming less and less important in their lives  Even those in the church do not know the word of God.  Why you ask?  Because we do not take the time to study His word. I came across this blog and wanted to share with you excuses that we come up with to justify why we don’t have the time to study.  See if you have used any of these excuses.
Are You Making Excuses?
   “I would go to ladies class every week…but it’s just repetitive, I know the stories…Jonah and the whale…Esther…Jesus was born in a manger.  I know what I need to, and the rest I get from services.  You know I’m just too busy!” 
   That’s a statement from a member of the church when she was invited to join us for ladies class awhile back.  At the moment, I shrugged and we laughed it off and we went our separate ways after services.
   Now I look back on it, I wonder, is that a valid excuse for not studying God’s word?  We each have excuses that wiggle into our lives, whether we notice it’s an excuse or not.  “I didn’t sleep last night because I was up watching that movie on Netflix…so I’ll just nap.”  “You know what, I feel like we should be getting healthy, so I’ll empty the junk out of my cabinets, go grocery shopping at Whole Foods and then hit the gym.”  “I had a really stressful day.  The kids wouldn’t do their homework, my husband came home mad, I burnt dinner and I forgot it was my parent’s anniversary.  I’ll just take a bubble bath and go to bed early.”  “I was called into work today when I should have been off and I missed my favorite shows.  I’ll binge watch them on the DVR when I get home.” “The kids have band practice, soccer practice, ballet, gymnastics, football…not to mention the little one I have to have everywhere I go.” I’m just so busy.”
   The excuses pile up, until they overflow, taking away your extra time.  So studying daily may be replaced with going to the gym.  Praying every night before bed may become forgotten because you fall asleep watching movies every night.  You may just be so busy with work or your kids that your bible lays, collecting dust.
   Am I saying that we should be denied some relaxation every once and awhile?  Definitely not!  Life gets rough and we need to unwind.  But should excuses overgrow our life so that God get pushed out into the back of the closet?  Again, definitely not!
   We need to be sure that we do not let our spiritual selves starve.  We look at people in third world countries, thin and bony.  People feel bad for them, pity them for their state of being.  But in reality, many of our spiritual selves are the same as that starving child.  They’re craving the word of God, yet we will not give it to them?  Who are we to deprive ourselves from the Lord of Lords who gave His only son to suffer and die on the cruel cross of Calvary?  He has done so much for Him, and we do not return any sort of gratitude except for on Sundays.  We should truly be ashamed of ourselves.
   I challenge each and every one of you to carve out more time and effort into your Christianity.  Yes, it is hard, but so was leaving heaven to live amongst sinners, and being murdered although Christ was innocent.  Open your bible.  Mature spiritually and show God you truly do appreciate being saved.
1 Peter 2: 2 “Like newborn babies, crave pure and spiritual milk, so that by it, you may grow in your salvation.”
Taken from a blog of  springladiesretreat.weebly.com
   This writer challenges YOU to pick up your bible, open it and commune with our Lord.  I’m challenging you to be like the Berean brethern who searched the scriptures daily, Acts 17:11.